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Personal & Professional Video Transfer Services in Ventura County 

Many people are overwhelmed at the idea of preserving their family memories because they are concerned their materials will not be treated carefully or because they are too busy to organize them all.  At we want the process of transferring your memories to DVD to be convenient and simple. You just have to gather your materials and call us at 805-377-7333 when you are ready to drop them off. When you drop off your project, you will meet the person who will complete your project and have one-on-one time to discuss your needs and vision. Your project will be completed on location and we will call you when it’s done. We are available to answer your questions everyday from 11am to 8pm and usually respond to emails and messages within 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions




What are your business hours?

Daily from 11:00AM to 8:00PM 


Where are you located?

We have two locations in Ventura County. Please call for directions when you’d like to meet with us. Call (805)377-7333 anytime if you have questions. 





Where is the video transfer work done?

All work is done on premises. 


How long will it take to transfer my videos?

Video tapes can generally be transferred in the amount of time it takes to play through the material. For example, a 1 hour video will take about an hour to transfer. Projects are completed in the order they are received. If you need your project done right away please let us know and we can accommodate you with a “rush order” with a typical turn around time of 24 hours.


What kinds of videos can you transfer?

8mm Film, Super 8mm Film, VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, USB Flash Drives, Firewire Hard Drives, 8mm Cassette, Digital 8, Mini DV (Digital Video), DVD, Streaming to Web, Email Encoding, Camcorder, Sandisk, iPhone Transfer. 


How much do you charge to transfer video to DVD?

Video cassettes of any kind (VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, 8mm Cassettes, Hi8) can be transferred for archive purposes using our Simple Cheap option starting at $24.94 for up to 1 hour of content. If you would like a DVD with an interactive menu (great if you are giving the DVDs as a gift) prices start at $34.95 for up to 1 hour of content. * Please call to find out if your order qualifies for any quantity discounts.  


What is the difference between the “Interactive DVD” option and the “Simple Cheap” DVD option? 

Both transfer options will have the same exact material on them. Simple Cheap DVDs just come with fewer bonus features than Interactive DVDs. Simple Cheap DVDs have automatically laid chapters to aid in shuffling through the material and will play when inserted with the click of a button. Interactive DVDs come with a custom label, interactive title menu screen, and scene selections menus with thumbnails that are custom set by subject. 


Can you transfer my video to an external hard drive or flash drive?

Yes. Please inquire so we can discuss what size and format would be appropriate for your project.


How much footage can you fit on a DVD?

Up to 2 hours per DVD. 


Can you put all of my videos on one DVD?

We strongly recommend that each video tape has it’s own DVD. This helps our customers archive their memories and helps us stay organized throughout the transfer process.


What is the best way to preserve my videos?

The best way to preserve your videos is to get them digitized. Tapes are not able to withstand the test of time without colors bleeding, etc. DVDs are great and easy to use. We highly recommend ordering extra copies in the case that one gets lost or scratched. Hard drives are also wonderful especially if you would like to edit your own movies.  


Can you transfer videos from my iphone to DVD?






Can you make my videos HD?

Video transfer will give you an end product that is the same as the original. We are transferring your material from its original format onto a DVD without changing/editing it in any way. 


Can you improve the image quality of my video recording?

Improving image quality involves editing and is more expensive than a Simple Cheap transfer. Custom quotes are available for editing at an hourly rate. Please inquire. 


Can you improve the audio quality of my video recording?

Improving audio quality involves editing and is more expensive than a Simple Cheap transfer. Custom quotes are available for editing at an hourly rate. Please inquire. 


Can you fix broken video cassette tapes?

We have had success repairing video cassettes in the past but we cannot make any guarantees. We would be happy to look at your tape and give you an assessment. 


I can’t get my video to play. Can you transfer it for me?

Please let us know if your video tapes have been troublesome when you drop them off. We will know to monitor them more closely. We have had success repairing video cassettes in the past but we cannot make any guarantees. We would be happy to look at your tape and give you an assessment. 





Can I make my own copies from the DVDs you produce?

We use the most widely compatible DVDs. If you have been able to copy DVDs before, you should have no trouble with ours. 


Can you make DVD labels?

Yes. We have the ability to design custom label artwork or can use the design you provide. We can print labels directly on disks. 


Do you offer mass duplication? How many DVD copies can I order?

We specialize in small quantity custom orders but can accommodate larger duplication projects. Please inquire. 


Are there any discounts for multiple copies?

Yes, we offer quantity discounts. Please inquire. 





What kinds of film reels can you transfer?

We can transfer 8mm, super 8, super 8 with sound, and 16mm film. 


How much do you charge for film reel transfer to DVD?

We charge by diameter of the reel. Three inch film reel=$22, Five inch film reel=$40, Seven inch film reel=$80. *Please call to inquire about quantity discounts. There is a minimum charge of $35 for all film orders.


How long does it take to transfer my film reels to DVD?

It really depends on how many you have. Most film reel projects take about a week to complete. We can give you an individualized time estimate when you meet with us to drop off your project. 


What will my film reels look like when you transfer it to DVD?

We carefully monitor and quality-check our film reel transfer projects. We will let you know if any factors (such as mold, originals shot out of focus, defects in film like outdoor film used inside, etc.) have greatly affected your project’s quality. You will receive a beautiful memory masterpiece with custom label, interactive menu with custom laid scene selections and scene selections menus, and memory related tunes laid throughout. 


Do you use a film scanning process to transfer film to digital?

We do not use a film scanning process. Our goal is to preserve the film in its current state so we do not alter it in any way through the transfer process. We capture the film at the same speed as it was initially intended all those years ago without speeding it up or slowing it down in post. We do not add any chemicals or cleaning agents to the film as doing so can cause damage or result in skipping due to the stripping off of lubricants added during the original film processing process.





Can you put my video on YouTube?

Yes. Please inquire. 


Can I send you digital files to burn to DVD?

Yes. You can send files via DropBox or email. You can also email artwork for us to print on your DVDs or have us design a label for you. Call (805)377-7333 to discuss your project needs and receive a custom quote.


Can you send me a link to my video so I can share it with family and friends?






Can you transfer my audio cassettes and vinyl records to CD?

We do not transfer audio media but we can refer you to someone local. Our specialty is video. 


Can you help me preserve my family photographs?

We are able to scan photos and turn them into a video slideshow set to music for you to enjoy. If you have negatives or slides we can offer you an honest referral to a local business specializing in still images and photography. 



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For 20 years we have worked with numerous individuals, couples, businesses, and organizations to help them realize their video project vision. Preserving memories and producing professional videos is our passion and we look forward to each opportunity. Thank you to our valued customers and clients.  

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